Brown wrasse

Brown wrasse sociability
Brown wrasse behevior
depth icon0-50m
size icon50cm

Green wrasse

Green wrasse sociability
Green wrasse behevior
depth icon2-50m
size icon45cm

Cuckoo wrasse

Cuckoo wrasse sociability
Cuckoo wrasse behevior
depth icon2-200m
size icon40cm

Pearly razorfish

Pearly razorfish sociability
Pearly razorfish behevior
depth icon5-50m
size icon35cm

Mediterranean rainbow wrasse

Mediterranean rainbow wrasse sociability
Mediterranean rainbow wrasse behevior
depth icon0-120m
size icon30cm

Ornate wrasse

Ornate wrasse sociability
Ornate wrasse behevior
depth icon0-150m
size icon25cm

Peacock wrasse

Peacock wrasse sociability
Peacock wrasse behevior
depth icon0-50m
size icon40cm

Five-spotted wrasse

Five-spotted wrasse sociability
Five-spotted wrasse behevior
depth icon0-30m
size icon17cm

Axillary wrasse

Axillary wrasse sociability
Axillary wrasse behevior
depth icon1-50m
size icon15cm

Grey wrasse

Grey wrasse sociability
Grey wrasse behevior
depth icon0-20m
size icon15cm

Long-snouted wrasse

Long-snouted wrasse sociability
Long-snouted wrasse behevior
depth icon0-30m
size icon13cm

Ocellated wrasse

Ocellated wrasse sociability
Ocellated wrasse behevior
depth icon1-30m
size icon12cm

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