Tec 45 Course

The PADI Tec 45 Technical Diving course introduces the Tec 40 divers to the first stages of full, technical deep deco diving. Once certified you will be qualified to make multistep deco dives by using a single cylinder of EANx or oxygen for accelerated decompression and added conservatism. During this course you will rise to the challenge and make commitment to become a technical diver and as such the course not only develops the knowledge and skills to make open circuit technical dives up to 45m but also begins developing the knowledge and skills the diver will need for the Tec 50 level and beyond.


  • PADI Tec 40 diver
  • Rescue Diver level
  • Minimum of 50 logged dives, with at least 12 dives with EANx deeper than 18m and 10 dives deeper than 30m
  • +18 years of age
  • Medical Statement signed by a physician within the last 12 months

EARLY BIRD PRICE: 10% discount for online booking and payment made a minimum of 2 months in advance


Tec 45 Course
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