10 Scuba Related TikTok Accounts, that divers and Ocean lovers should follow.

5 May. 2022
10 Scuba Related TikTok Accounts, that divers and Ocean lovers should follow.

Not everyone has heard of TikTok, so what is it? TikTok is social media platform that is on the mission to inspire creativity and bring joy to its users. Allowing divers and non-divers alike to enjoy and exploring the underwater world, without even getting wet! TikTok certainly achieves their mission if you know where to look?

Below are 10 TikTok accounts that PADI recommends for divers, snorkelers and lovers of the underwater world who are looking for engaging, inspiring, and educational ocean-related content to guide you on our armchair adventure.

1. The Modern Scuba Diver Channel – @moderndiver

Chris Foisey is a PADI Scuba Instructor based in Canada, with a TikTok dedicated to educating his ocean loving followers with reliable and entertaining scuba-related information.

2. Jacinta | Ocean Videography – @jacintashakleton_

Jacinta Shakleton is a freediver and marine biologist based in Queensland, Australia. Jacinta’s TikToks is both interesting and educational and documents her frequent encounters with a variety of remarkable marine creatures.

3. Nolanomura – @nolanomura

Nolan Omura is a water-based photographer and videographer based in Hawaii, USA.Nolan’s highly creative freediving TikToks will have you longing for your next dive adventure.

4. Alex Kydd Photo – @alexkyddphoto

Alex Kydd is a marine biologist turned wildlife photographer based in Western Australia. Alex’s TikTok includes an array of truly magical marine encounters, along with a variety of amazing content from around the world.

5. Tom Park Photography – @underwaterdude

Tom Park is a filmmaker, photographer, and PADI AmbassaDiver based in New South Wales, Australia. Tom’s TikTok provides insight into the extraordinary variety of marine creatures inhabiting Eastern Australia. As well as being truly entertaining and creative in nature.

6. Kayleigh Grant – @mermaid.kayleigh

Kayleigh Grant is a scuba diver and ocean safari owner based in Hawaii, USA. Kayleigh provides a glimpse into her ever-eventful ocean voyages, while sharing entertaining and educational content.

7. Mads Ocean – @mads_ocean

Madeline St Clair is a marine biologist and wildlife photographer based in the Maldives. Madeline’s TikToks document her journey her adventures as a new PADI Professional.

8. Amber Bourke – @amberofthesea

Amber Bourke is a professional freediver based in Queensland, Australia. Amber’s TikTok provides a glimpse into the extraordinary life of an (almost) world record breaking freediver.

9. Elena & Efim – @divelovetravel

Elena and Efim are scuba diving instructors based in Russia. This husband and wife duo provide endless inspiration for your next dive trip.

10. Brandee Anthony – @brandee_anthony

Brandee Anthony is a photographer, diver, professional mermaid and PADI ambassadiver based in Florida, USA. Brandee’s TikTok is a guaranteed to be a mood booster, Filled with her epic freediving and mermaiding adventures.

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