5 Top Tips for Wreck Diving

17 Jun. 2022
5 Top Tips for Wreck Diving

5 Top Tips for Wreck Diving

Wreck diving can be exhilarating, special and sometimes challenging compared to regular diving, with some wrecks demand more respect than others. We know that with our weekly wreck dive in Plimiri on the Giannoula K a 110m cargo ship wreck which always has a little current, but it’s easy to get the most out of wrecks while keeping yourself safe!

Maybe wreck diving is exhilarating because of the respect needed? Or maybe it’s because we love to see things under the water that shouldn’t be there. Whatever the reason, the PADI wreck specialty remains the one of the most popular specialties courses, where divers just have a lust for rust!

So, what tips and tricks can you learn to get the most from your wreck diving? Stay within your level of training, and practice, practice, practice. Don’t just be a card collector, when you get your PADI Wreck Diver, use it! You can practice with your diving reels and lines and practice makes perfect. So, if wrecks make you go “oooh” then dive them as much as u can as often as you can!

If you don’t already have PADI Wreck Diver, you can check out more info here: https://www.waterhoppers.com/programmes/padi-courses/speciality-courses

Perfect your Scuba fundamentals.

Your buoyancy skills should be perfected before any penetrative wreck dives. So if you have not already, you should look to complete PADI PPB Peak Performance Buoyancy ( you can do this as part of your AWO Advanced Open Water or just on its own). Also think about your fin kicking style, Frog kicks or gentle flutters are best, and slow calm movements are ideal.

Turn 90° when you go through holes, doors, penetration points.

This protects your 1st stage from being knocked or damaged when you make your initial penetration. First stages are tougher than you think, especially DIN systems, but it’s a habit that a wreck specialist taught me years ago, and it’s a good one.

Know your limits, stay inside your comfort zone.

Scuba diving is hugely respectful of fellow divers’ feelings before a dive, a diver can cancel a dive without giving a reason without the fear of being judged by others and that’s great. Signing up for a wreck dive that is too advanced for you for any reason – ego, peer pressure etc, this can lead to you overestimating your abilities.

The best way to increase your experience is to go with someone that done it before, so why not let us guide you on the wreck, while you are learning something new.

Don’t be complacent.

Just because you have done a route a hundred times it’s important to stay fresh and alert on every dive. Remember your training and apply it to every dive and plan for everything! Planning makes us feel focused, relaxed and contingency protocols should be muscle memory for anyone making advanced wreck dives.

So, why not check out the Giannoula K, we would love to show you around. For more info contact Marion on WhatsApp on +30 694 309 5700

Inspiration for the above can be found here: https://blog.padi.com/5-top-tips-wreck-diving/




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